16th Sept @ the Salisbury - Marco Abbatecola

16th Sept @ the Salisbury

Another great fantastic & funkiest night!!!!¬† Soul Funk Secret featured Jenessa Qua …¬† the energy was out of this world!! tunes just¬† were¬† flowing as ever, new tracks from Mother’s finest and Bobby Mc Ferrin and originals. Such a reward for the all band when playing with a line up like this :-)James and Jenessa¬† worked the vocals out beautifully!!

The band was just AMAZING!!! good work all round!! The band is so pleased to have changed the set list and have Jenessa to compliment the rough rock-funk attitude of the Rhythm Section, and…… people :-) :-)…… Jules is getting better and better !!!¬† his solos are amazing as his chunky funky rhythm sounds.


Soul Funk Secret will perform in Camden soon with the same line up!!!!

Please leave your comments if you were at the gig last Friday. We love to hear from you :-)