Soul Funk Secret @St Lucia Jazz Fest - Marco Abbatecola

Soul Funk Secret @St Lucia Jazz Fest

The jazz fest in St Lucia has been of the most amazing experience for me and Soul Funk Secret as a band. We supported Carl Gustave and played in clubs around the Island. The organization was spot on!! We were well looked after by  them and by the locals, just to be there for nearly 10 days gave us the opportunity to grasp the lay back feeling and good vibe around us.

Caribbean¬† food and weather is just fantastic!!!!! people are just so lay back and easy going…¬† basically a paradise! I would recommend anyone to visit this piece of paradise on earth.

Music is played all around  the Island at night and Carl Gustave is of the most recognized artist from LA USA. Soul Funk Secret have made a really good impression with the locals and Festival organizers. We were so lucky to be there and be able to watch artists like Jeff Lorber, Esperanza Spalding, Steel Pulse, amazing to be back stage and meet thi amazing people.

The Soul Funk Secret line up was Marco Abbatecola (bass), Jules Pais (Guitar), Miggy Barradas (Drums), James Lascelles (keyboard). I would love to hear from anyone who was at the festival…..