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Soul Funk Secret back in Hungerford at the Three Swans Hotel

Well …….. ¬†The Soul Funk Secret are back in Hungerford at the Three Swans Hotel for BBQ party on the 25th May,

Soul Funk Secret

new promo video Soul Funk Secret feat. Jenessa Qua

well … on request here is the link to the new promo video of Soul Funk Secret feat.Jenessa Qua


travelling around the world

Well…. musicians do travel around the world stopping in different places sometimes just for a day or two and no having the time to explore them. I can speak for myself as well!! so many times I wanted/wished to stay ¬†longer in some beautiful places around the world . As musician I obviously look for music shops, venues, live music and ¬†what ¬†the local ¬†music also is and what styles.

Well I am in Mexico this time not for gigs but as a visitor and I am seeing how different the culture of music is. How important  is the music  here ? and at what  level of business are Mexicans taking it?

I can immediately see that in the western country we are much more focused on “how many records is my product going to sell” and all the many barriers we have to surpass. Music here is more for personal fun kept at a “popular” and “traditional” level although there are singers and bands more or less popular in the whole country ( and its a big country!! ) that we never hear or ever know. English and American big selling artists are well known here certainly but Mexicans also keep their traditional popular music preserved. Here are some pics of Hermosillo, Sonora


soul funk secret available for bookings in 2013

Well….. the new year for Soul Funk Secret is going to be busier and busier…. recording of the 1st album in April, will come out possibly in July or August.

The band last performance was at the Rose and Crown, where the set list was a mix of originals and covers. I must say the originals turned out to be more successful than covers.


Anyway….. ¬†the band is now taking bookings for the 2013….. enquiries are coming in .. so hurry up people :-)

soul funk secret at the Rose and Crown 19th Jan 2013

marco abbatecola, trevor, miggy barradas

new video of Soul Funk Secret for function work with Jenessa Qua on vox

soul funk secret feat.Jenessa Qua here is the new promo video of Soul Funk Secret with Jenessa Qua on Vocals,



Soul Funk Secret played at the Queen Irena’s party

Soul Funk Secret had the honor to play at the celebration party of the Queen Irena, the line up for this occasion was

Myself on bass, Miggy Barradas on Drums, Mark Vandergutch on guitar, Asha on Keys, Jenessa Qua on vocals. It was an amazing night, the musicianship at a high level as always when playing with Soul Funk Secret… The guests were also pleased by the choice of tunes from Jenessa… It wasn’t the usual line up but I enjoyed it very much!!! Soul Funk Secret next performance will be on Sat 29th Sept in Tewin Village, Welwyn, at the Memorial Hall , Lower Green. Its going to be a hell of a gig as 7 piece ( brass section) .

We are all looking forward to this one!!!!!
marco abbatecola and Asha

live performance with OLa ONabule’ 2011, Duren Germany

Really enjoyed this show with Ola, the bass gear was excellent !!

Soul Funk Secret live 2009, Cyprus

With my soul funk brothers :-)

more video to come!

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new york jam nights

Does anyone know any good jam nigh in New York?

Soul Funk Secret Live 2nd March

…..and finally the 1st gig of 2012 at the SALISBURY PUB (1 Grand Parade, London N41JX) with Soul Funk Secret!!

Jenessa Qua on vocals, Miggy Barradas on drums, Jules Pais guitar Vocals, Stuart Lynas Keys, Myself on Bass

Starts at 9.30pm, DON’T MISS OUT!!!! ¬†¬£5 AT THE DOOR

new original song from Soul Funk Secret and Jenessa Qua

Helloooo :-)

Myself, Jules Pais and Jenessa Qua have written a song “You Passed Over” few months ago, we recorded it in December 2011 at the Apollo studio in Caledonian Rd, London By Noko.

Here is the sound cloud link

Please give us your thoughts!!!  We love to hear what you think