sharing the stage with peolple speaking the same language - Marco Abbatecola

sharing the stage with peolple speaking the same language

What  difference when speaking the same language on stage!!!, for the experienced musos out there I don’t need to explain what I am saying I guess….  for the ones who don’t…… then try to immagine a conversation between 4 people through music where everybody knows the topic (knowledge of styles), and the chairman starts the meeting and asking opinions or  for good new ideas and everybody keep focused on each individual ones (impro ideas),   there is always someone’s idea more prominent than others (blasting solos).

Well last Saturday it has been an absolute pleasure to have Mark Vandergutch, Miggy and James on stage, it felt like the old guys reunion gagging for a bloody good talk!! people were mesmerised by our conversation (live performance) especially Mark was outstanding!!!  It feels good to work with the right crew  :-) shame it can’t be all the time due to our busy life and hectic schedules.

I must say that Soul Funk Secret have had loads of well seasoned musos in the last year. The question is : What do you do when the conversation on stage doesn’t go the way you like or wish?? I would love to hear your comment