Cyprus gigs - Marco Abbatecola

Cyprus gigs

What a fantastic place to work!! Soul Funk Secret worked in Cyprus since 2009 and keep going back for more….  The famous 7Seas music venue has been one of the regular place where the band built their reputation . We as a band can say that its our second home, accommodation, food, transports and the good night life in Limasol and Paphos kept the band well happy!! There has been the time where quite few bands from UK performed at the 7Seas, Soul Funk Secret were one of the first regular bands, now we get calls from all over Cyprus and Greece where weddings are out scale!!! Greek weddings are an “experience thou'” the last we had was in Athens and the band will never forget it

I mean :-) just look at the state of the singer “James B Coleman” things gone wild!!! Cyprus and Greece are good places to work and have a good night life out with your mates!!