28th of Aug supporting The Average White band - Marco Abbatecola

28th of Aug supporting The Average White band

Well…. one of my favorite band : -) I am playing with KIINA from Brighton, an original band with Katarina Holmberg as a leader and founder, she is a good lyricist and writer, myself, Joe Erber and Katarina get together to write material and have the opportunity to record the songs at the Cream Studios Bluey’s recording studio as we are good friends with him. We are supporting THE AWB at the KOMEDIA, Brighton. Last time we supported Incognito at the Concorde II, Brighton, we had an amazing line

Dan Smith (from Noisettes), Franky Young (a young talent originally from Cornwall but based in Brighton), Rachel Golding ( she ‘got her album out by now), Joe Erber, Miggy Barradas, myself and Katarina as lead vocalist. It was a good show!!! Although we’ll have a different line up this time round, we are ready to kick some ass again!!! :-) Come down to see us on the 28th of Aug and obviously enjoy the one and only AWB!!!!!