session work - Marco Abbatecola

session work

I am availabe for studio or live session work. I am not a classical trained musician, I play any style of music from rock and pop, funk-jazz, bossanova, samba or/and salsa. I rely on charts or mp3/CD’s for learning material.

I’ve been asked to write bass lines from scratch on many occassions or collaborating in compositions and it always worked well. I consider long term commitments if it is within professional work agreements. I can travel world-wide if required.  If you would like to know more – please feel free to get in touch. As member of the Musician’s Union I generally follow their lead in current rates.


  • SWR 250 or 350 Hartke Amp
  • 4 by 10″ Trace Elliot or Hartke speakers
  • Musicman Stingray 4/5 strings bass guitar
  • zoom B2 effects pedal